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Ghost & Skeleton

First illustration to my new project. Ghost and Skeleton look at us from their Box with Lego for a long time and they are devestated by our chaotic and messed lives. By internet they decide to give us a tips to make the world a little better. At least within a radius of 10 meters from their Box. More soon :D
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Marille's Outfit business card

made for

Duże Klimaty konkurs "Metamorfozy ze Stylissimo"

Zapraszamy do wzięcia udziału w konkursie 'Metamorfozy ze Stylissimo". Do wygrania cały dzień robienia się na bóstwo w Atelier Stylissimo w Warszawie. Warto szczególnie na wiosnę :D Regulamin konkursu na stronie:

Co-Op Gameplay Video

Almost old stuff but still hot :P

Duże Klimaty sklep online

  W końcu ruszył: Duże Klimaty sklep online W sam raz dla wszystkich Pań w rozmiarach 40-60. Czarująca sprzedawczyni - w roli której występuje Ewa Z., znana modelka plus size - osobiście gwarantuje satysfakcję  z dokonywanego zakupu, jak i niewielkich poniesionych kosztów ;)

What bored IT doing at work...

What can you doing with empty server's boxes? My friend, who's work in one of  national company (I was promis that I won't say with one :P  ) sended to me this photos. With his associates he build a paper house, with desk and computer inside. He told me, that owner of desk worked in this house two days before demolition. I want to draw attention for this, that the house have window with curtains, door, chimney, fence, special hole to deliver document and many funny boards (also with street name and house's number. It really is "work of dreams" :)

Co-op (final!)

Co-Op is finally comepleted! This cute game with complicated history of Pretzelorian's planet, Space Pirates and very sad Whale-Shark. You can download it for free from  MoaCube site  for your Mac or PC. It's funny and I've hope that you'll enyoy it :)